Chapter 1: Guitar Anatomy

If you’re new to the guitar, understanding the basic parts of the guitar's anatomy is the best place to start. You'll need to know these terms to both buy a guitar and to be able to follow future lessons. This chapter covers the things that are the same for all guitar -- the body, head, neck & strings. (6 Videos -- 9 Minutes)

Chapter 2: Types of Guitars

If you’re still looking to pick up a guitar, but aren’t sure what is right for you, this chapter will point you in the right direction. Learn what the differences between steel string acoustic, nylon string and electric guitars and the types of music for which each guitar is most commonly used. (4 Videos -- 15 Minutes)

Chapter 3: Stringing Your Guitar

No matter what type of guitar you play, you need to know how both to remove old or broken strings and how to attach new ones. This chapter will teach you how remove your old strings, pick and attach new ones whatever type of guitar you play. (6 Videos -- 20 Minutes)

Chapter 4: Tuning Your Guitar

If you want what you’re playing to sound good, you always need to keep your guitar tuned up. This chapter covers how to use the various types of guitar tuners and how to use them to keep what you're playing sounding awesome. (2 Videos -- 6 Minutes)

Chapter 5: Preparing to Play Guitar

Before you start shredding, there are a few simple and important fundamentals that you need to master. This chapter covers how to get ready to play by teaching you hold the guitar, playing with a pick or your fingers and how to fret notes. (7 Videos -- 35 Minutes)

Chapter 6: Reading Guitar Music

Guitar players use a few different systems to figure out which fingers to put on the the right strings. This chapter covers the difference between these systems and how to read guitar tablature (tabs) & chord charts. (4 Videos - 31Minutes)

Chapter 7: Learning Basic Chords

Playing guitar chords is a necessary skill to master to be able play virtually any genre of music. This chapter covers what chords are, how to play them, which ones sound good together and how to switch between chords. (4 Videos -- 25 Minutes)

Chapter 8: Types of Chords

Not all chords are built alike, but you're going to want to know how to play a bunch of them. This chapter covers some of the more versatile chord types, including how to play open minor chords, power chords and barre chord types. (5 Videos -- 40 Minutes)

Chapter 9: Strumming In Rhythm

Playing guitar with a sense of rhythm is equally as important playing the right notes. This chapter covers what it means to play in rhythm means and how to strengthen your internal clock to make that you’re always playing in time. (4 Videos -- 29 Minutes)

Chapter 10: Strumming Patterns

To master playing any song, you need to be able to hear & understand it’s various parts. This chapter covers how to understand song form, to simplify strumming patterns and how to master the little details that make each song sound unique. (5 Videos -- Minutes 30)

Chapter 11: Scales & Solos

Ready to start blowing minds with your elite level shredding skills? This chapter covers the how to learn scales, and which ones to use to play solos & riffs. (COMING SOON)

Chatper 12: Fingerpicksing

Want to learn to play a more diverse & dramatic style of guitar? This chapter will teach you more detail about how to play fingerstyle guitar for both rhythm guitar and riffs. (COMING SOON)

Chapter 13: Practice Habits

Practice makes perfect, if you know what you're doing. Learn how to connect harness your mind to help your fingers do what you need them to do. (COMING SOON)

Chapter 14: Playing Riffs

Blow the doors off of your guitar playing by learning how to play riffs. In this chapter, we'll cover how to use riffs, transitioning in and out of them & how to create your own riffs. (COMING SOON)

Chapter 15: Finding Your Tone

Create your guitar voice by finding your own tone. Learn to distinguish between the sounds that you hear from other acoustic & electric guitar players, including some of the most popular pedals & effects (COMING SOON)

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